RF SciDAC member reported our recent progress at APS-DPP. Presentation file are available in Google Drive.

CO6 MF/KSTAR session

Eun-Hwa Kim, et al., CO6.00011 : Numerical modeling of helicon wave coupling optimization and possible parasitic excitation of slow waves in KSTAR

UP10 SciDAC session

P. Bonoli, et al., UP10.00075: Recent Results from the SciDAC Center for Simulation of Fusion Relevant RF Actuators

S. Shiraiwa, et. al., UP10.00076: Development of a scalable 3D full wave RF simulation (1): Petra-M platform

N. Bertelli, et. al., UP10.00077: Development of a scalable 3D full wave RF simulation (2): Applications to NSTX-U/LAPD/C-Mod/DIII-D

M. Hakimi, et. al., UP10.00078: Simulation Workflow for Adaptive High-Performance FR Fusion System Simulations

A. K. Ram, et. al., UP10.00079: Scattering of radio frequency waves by plasma turbulence

J. R. Myra, et. al., UP10.00080: Generalization and Verification of RF Sheath Microscale Models

C. Migliore, et. al., UP10.00081: Development of Impedance Sheath Boundary Conditions in Finite Element RF Codes

D. Smithe, et. al., UP10.00082: Using Ponderomotive Force from the VSim RF Code in the SOLT3D and NIMROD Codes

B. Biswas, et. al., UP10.00083: Modeling LH wave refraction through SOL blobs using synthetic turbulence data

A.M. Dimits, et. al., UP10.00084: Including RF Antenna Effects in Scrape-Off-Layer-Turbulence Simulati\textbf{ons}

M. Stowell, et. al., UP10.00085: Adaptive time-stepping in fusion plasma simulations with MFEM

R. Barnett, et. al., UP10.00086: A 1.5D coupled RF / transport model for ponderomotive density modification of the SOL near high power RF actuators.

R.W. Harvey et al., UP10.00087: CQL3D Simulations of Suppression of Impurity-Induced Current Quench Using LH Current Drive in C-Mod