• AORSA-2D : All ORders Spectral Algorithm.
  • AORSA-3D : A full wave ICRF solver for tokamaks and stellerators. This version operates in 3D. The code solves the Maxwell's equations in the frequency domain with a hot plasma all orders Maxwellian plasma dielectric. Fairly computationally heavy. 1000's of cpu-hours to run at a minimum.
  • Kinetic-J : A code for evaluating the kinetic plasma current given an input electric field.
  • p2f : A code for taking discrete particle lists (e.g., from NUBEAM) and creating 4D (r,z,vPer,vPar) continuum distribution functions for use in full-wave codes like TORIC and AORSA.
  • MFEM : A free, lightweight, scalable C++ library for finite element methods.

PyMFEM : PyMFEM is a python2.7 wrapper for MFEM.

  • piScope : πScope is a python based workbench for data analysis and modeling.
  • IPS : The Integrated Plasma Simulator (IPS) is a computational framework that permits serial and or parallel simulation codes to function inter-operably on the most advanced massively-parallel computers so as to provide a flexible capability for integrated, multi-physics simulation.
  • VSim : A flexible, multiplatform, multiphysics software tool for running computationally intensive electromagnetic, electrostatic, magnetostatic, and plasma simulations in the presence of complex dielectric, magnetic, and metallic shapes.